In July 2023, Marie-Stella Kihumba joined the team at the IRIS store in Gatineau as an Optometric Assistant.   

The adventure for the "IRIS, it's me" campaign began on a whim, with the desire to be part of the unique experience of a photoshoot for an IRIS campaign. It turned out to be an extraordinary and memorable experience. Marie-Stella has no regrets about seizing the opportunity. 

What fascinates Marie-Stella in her work is the diversity of tasks, from pre-testing patients to valuable daily customer interaction. But above all, it's a continuous opportunity to learn about eye health. Every day brings new knowledge, an aspect of the job she finds rewarding. 

When asked how she identifies with the "IRIS, it's me" campaign, Marie-Stella emphasizes the importance the company places on respecting customers and offering personalized service. 

If Marie-Stella had to describe IRIS in one word, it would undoubtedly be "Passion." This passion is reflected in the company's customer-focused approach and constant desire to offer high-quality products and services.

What makes Marie-Stella proud to work at IRIS is the focus on listening to patients' needs. At IRIS, every interaction is an opportunity to personalize service and offer lifestyle solutions.

Marie-Stella has three favourites regarding her eyewear style: butterfly frames, oversized models and classic tortoiseshells. These choices reflect her taste for diversity and her appreciation of timeless styles.