Over the past nine years, Melodyi Krause has had a remarkable career at IRIS. She began her career as a sales assistant. She then went on to graduate as an optician and, since 2017, has held the position of Optician-Manager. 

In November 2023, the decision to participate in the "IRIS, It's Me" campaign was motivated by the enthusiasm generated by this unique opportunity and the encouragement of her team. Her career path reflects not only personal development but also a commitment to the vision and values of IRIS. 

The most exciting aspect of her work is the people she meets. Meeting great patients and positively impacting someone's life is a reward she savours every day. The dynamic nature of the work, where there's always something new to learn, makes her job both challenging and rewarding.

Identifying with the "IRIS, It's Me" campaign, Melodyi is in harmony with IRIS values such as passion, honesty and respect. Her passion is to help people see better, and her approach is based on authenticity, care and listening to find the best ways to offer her patients the experience of better vision.

If Melodyi had to describe IRIS in one word, it would be "innovation ."The constant evolution and growth of new technologies underscores IRIS' commitment to staying current and providing care, services and technologies that are always on the cutting edge. 

For Melodyi, the pride of working for IRIS comes from being part of a company where everyone shares the same ideas. The feeling of being valued and appreciated and the encouragement and support provided by IRIS for continuous growth and learning are sources of personal and professional fulfillment for Melodyi.

Melodyi's love affair with eyewear abounds as she embraces different styles. Her favourite brands are Tom Ford, Gucci and Silhouette, reflecting her diverse taste that aligns with the wide range of eyewear offered at IRIS.

Melodyi's journey at IRIS is more than a career. It's a story of growth, dedication and commitment to providing high-quality vision care products and services to all her patients.