It was in November 1999 that Nathalie Brien founded her optometry clinic in the Outremont complex, Le Sanctuaire, next to Médi-Club, now Médisys. In recent months, the clinic joined IRIS after 18 years of serving its loyal patients.

In 18 years, so many thing have happened at the clinic! The whole team of professionals feel lucky to have been able to give their patients access to better vision and to have accompanied them throughout their lives. They even saw many of their young patients grow up to come back to the clinic with their own little ones! They feel lucky that year after year, their patients have continued to trust them to take care of their visual health. The team puts a lot of effort in providing personalized customer service to give their patients the best possible experience.

It is in 2017 that Nathalie Brien made the choice to join the wonderful IRIS family. The marriage of the two companies was quite easy since the values ​​of the clinic were practically the same as those of IRIS. Honesty, passion and respect were already in the DNA of the clinic and of its employees, the transition was very naturally.

The team at IRIS Le Sanctuaire is like a family. Most employees have been working there since the clinic first opened. We only have to think of Louis Bouchard, optician, who was there from the first day, and Cristina Lameira, optician, who joined the ranks of the team a few months after the opening of the clinic, and both are still there today! All team members have many years of experience and know how to grasp the needs of their patients. The team also consists of employees that have been among its ranks for 12 years, like Dr. Agnès Bonin, optometrist, who has been part of the team for the past 5 years, optometrist Dr. Jean-Marc Laurin who specializes in paediatric optometry, Dr. Claudine Courey and Dr. Audrey Daoust, optometrists, have been there for a few years now and, obviously, Dr. Nathalie Brien, optometrist, the founder of the clinic.

This store stands out above all for the designer brands it offers to its patients. IRIS Le Sanctuaire is the only IRIS store in Canada to offer brands like Prada, Oliver People, Tiffany & Co. and Chanel. This store is definitely a destination of choice to find unique frames that are not easily found elsewhere. IRIS Le Sanctuaire also has state-of-the-art modern facilities that only a few clinics possess. For example, they have on site a camera, OPTOS, which can take the central and peripheral photo of the fundus with infrared technology, which can detect pathologies in the retina very accurately and broadly. In addition, the store has an OCT (optical coherence tomography), which is like an ultrasound of the retina that can detect the depth of macular degeneration, the progression of glaucoma and many other pathologies. 

From all of the IRIS team members across Canada: we wish to welcome IRIS Le Sanctuaire and all its associates to our big family!