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IRIS Mundial - A patient's story

In the last blog post, we gave you a summary of the latest IRIS Mundial Volunteer Mission held in October, 2017, in Peru. Here are 2 short stories from this mission:

Meet Prada, a very short-sighted 53 year old woman, who was examined by the IRIS Mundial team during the last mission in the Cañete region of Peru, in October 2017. She had the chance to receive her very first pair of glasses by optician, Mrs. Sylvie Cossette: a prescription of -15,75 diopters! According to international standards, this patient was considered legally blind before the arrival of IRIS Mundial. In fact, her vision was completely blurred at a distance of more than 15 cm. Her face lit up when she put the glasses on, allowing her to clearly distinguish the shapes and objects in the room. Thanks to the visual care of IRIS Mundial and the donated glasses, Prada is now functional and can hope for a better future!

This is Christiano, a 2 year old boy, who was examined by the IRIS Mundial team during the last mission to Peru. Highly myopic and astigmatic, he could not see at a distance. Thanks to the glasses that the team found for him, he will be able to grow and continue learning like all young people of his age. It should be noted that 80% of the learning process is done through sight.

In the picture, Christiano's mother is so happy and grateful of the vision care provided to her son by the IRIS Mundial team.

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