Once again, this year, IRIS stores across Canada are proud to donate $10 per pair of glasses sold during the month of February to IRIS Mundial. The IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic also agreed to donate $50 per eye surgery performed. The funds raised will be used for the organization’s activities, which since 2008 have changed the lives of more than 90,000 people who do not have access to eye care.

Here are some interesting facts about vision health around the world and the role of IRIS Mundial:

Did you know that…
1.1 billion people around the world have presbyopia and would need glasses to see up-close in order to continue with their usual occupation and activities. Through its projects, IRIS Mundial helps thousands of people to see the world better, by raising awareness about visual health and making vision care, glasses and eye surgery accessible to the most disadvantaged. Visit their website or the IRIS Mundial Facebook page for more details.

Patients and volunteers on the latest IRIS Mundial mission in Senegal

Did you know that…
IRIS Mundial’s activities improve the quality of life of its’ beneficiaries and thus help them actively participate in the socio-economic development of their community. Indeed, several studies have shown that people with visual impairments are more likely to be unemployed and illiterate, which is why IRIS Mundial helps these people.

Last year, IRIS and the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic donated $78,700 to IRIS Mundial. We can't wait to announce the total amount they will receive this year!

If you want to make a small gesture to help them during the month of February, stop by the store to choose your new pair of glasses!

And, if you have bought a pair of glasses recently, you can still help! To find out all the ways to support IRIS Mundial, read this article.