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5 Ways You Can Help IRIS Mundial

IRIS is proud to contribute to the achievements of IRIS Mundial as a priviledged partner. The organization definitely needs corporate partners like us, but in its day-to-day life, it's the passionate people who are actively involved who make a real difference. Do you want to take part in this great cause that improves the vision health of the most vulnerable populations in developing countries? Here are some ways you can help:

1- Buy prescription glasses at IRIS or schedule laser eye surgery at the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic during the month of February
During the month of February, IRIS stores will give IRIS Mundial $10 per pair of glasses sold across Canada and the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic will donate $50 per surgery. The simple act of buying your new glasses at this particular time of the year may seem random, but it does make a big difference! Last year, we proudly donated a total amount of $72,400 on behalf of IRIS and of the IOC!

2- Volunteer
If you’re interested in the IRIS Mundial cause, why not take some of your time to help them? They often need people to perform a wide variety of tasks including sorting glasses before a mission, organizing fundraising activities and even some administrative tasks. Since their General Manager is the only employee of the organization, she needs to surround herself with competent professionals to work on various committees, such as communications, translation, social media, website maintenance, graphic design, finance, etc. If you would like to put your expertise to work, do not hesitate to contact them to express your interest.

An IRIS Mundial volunteer is performing an eye exam on a young girl

3- Participate in a mission
About once a year, IRIS Mundial goes on an international mission to hold several days of clinic to evaluate the vision of people in need in order to give them glasses and sunglasses that will greatly improve their quality of life. During these missions, they even manage to perform operations on several patients who suffer from more serious eye diseases. If you are a professional in the field of optics, IRIS Mundial definitely needs you! They are always looking for optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists to go on missions. Vision professionals from all optical banners are welcome. During these missions, IRIS Mundial also needs people who are not necessarily optical specialists to deal with logistical matters. The organization always favours people who are actively involved in fundraising activities or within its committees to take part in missions as logisticians. This means that if you would like to participate in one of IRIS Mundial’s missions, a good way to be selected is to get involved in one of the organization’s committees. To learn more about IRIS Mundial's missions, visit their website.

4- Make a cash donation
As with many non-profit organizations, funding is a very important part of IRIS Mundial's activities. They must raise tens of thousands of dollars every year in order to make their missions possible and maintain their many worldwide permanent programs. The organization is also always looking for creative and mobilizing people to organize fundraising activities. If you would like to donate money or organize an event to help fund missions that will help people better see and understand the world around them, visit their donation page

An IRIS Mundial volunteer is standing with a teenager who just received his first pair of glasses

Do you know what a donation made to IRIS Mundial actually achieves?
- $5: Transport of 5 glasses during an ophthalmic mission abroad
- $10: Creation of a radio capsule in Haiti to raise awareness about eye diseases
- $25: Transportation to carry out 3 mobile clinics in remote areas as part of a permanent program
- $50: Performing a pterygium surgery
- $150: Performing a cataract surgery
To make a donation to support IRIS Mundial’s mission, click here:

5- Donate your old glasses at an IRIS store near you
Often, people don’t know what to do with their old glasses that are still in good condition. Did you know that IRIS Mundial redistributes glasses in good condition to people who really need them? How amazing! In every IRIS store, there is an identified box in which you can drop off glasses that you no longer wear. Your glasses will be taken to the IRIS Mundial offices where volunteers will help clean and sort them according to the ophthalmic lenses prescription. Once your glasses are identified and sorted, they will be redistributed to people in need who will finally be able to see life more clearly. In many cases, this pair of glasses will be the only one that this person will have in his or her whole life. IRIS Mundial always need prescription glasses and sunglasses for adults and children. To donate your glasses, visit your nearest IRIS store to drop them in the donation box. You don’t necessarily have to be patient at IRIS to donate your glasses all donations are greatly appreciated!

And, to help IRIS Mundial in general, you can talk about it! Spread the word and help raise awareness! You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with their activities and to share their posts to help them spread their passion!

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