At IRIS, we have over 80 owners across Canada. Our owners are entrepreneurial in spirit and are leaders in their local communities. IRIS owners are dedicated to improving the vision of their patients, and they share the core values of IRIS.

Get to know 3 owners at IRIS who share a passion for optometry and patient care:

Dr. Maggie Gibb, Optometrist & Owner


My clinic is IRIS in Lethbridge. Lethbridge is a medium-sized city of about 100,000 people but services a large agricultural surrounding area in sunny southern Alberta.

I am a University of Waterloo optometry grad in 2005 and did my undergrad at Queen's, where I enjoyed rowing out on Lake Ontario and the Rideau water system. Even though I'm a northern Ontarian at heart, I was drawn out west by the skiing, hiking, and biking in the Rockies. I joined IRIS in 2005 and operated between three southern Alberta IRIS locations, opening both the Okotoks and Lethbridge locations. I sealed the deal to join IRIS with our past president and founder, Dr. Jean, over a grilled cheese sandwich and famous double-handed shake.

I have been working with IRIS since 2005 and a partner since 2006. I also have taken an interest in the IRIS model and have learned and grown in patient care, running dry eye clinics, and knowing the business in and out from inventory, staffing, to running a closed office from my smartphone during the pandemic!  For the last couple of years, I have been the regional optometric coordinator for southern Alberta, a unique role for IRIS. We try and link the professional challenges we face to the operational evolution of an optical company.  I also have a special project in developing a dry eye protocol for IRIS ODs in this growing area of optometry scope. I assist in recruiting new ODs, helping them grow their practice, supporting them with new guidelines, organizing learning opportunities, or even acting as a professional opinion. This is a new evolving role for IRIS and shows how innovative and forward-thinking the company is.

Dr. Mark Langer, Optometrist & Owner


I am an IRIS owner in Vernon, BC. I graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2013 and have been with IRIS since then. Early on in my studies, I realized that the doctor I wanted to be aligned remarkably well with the vision and approach to eyecare that IRIS is dedicated to providing high-end services and products in a clinical setting with an emphasis on thorough exams, personalized patient care, and building lasting professional relationships.   

One of the many reasons I chose Optometry as a career was for its fulfilling work/life balance, so when it came time to consider setting down some roots, I first identified where I wanted to live, raise my kids, and the lifestyle I desired, and I built my career around that. Vernon has been a perfect fit for my family, and IRIS has been an ideal fit for me professionally, so officially becoming an owner at IRIS Vernon in 2022 was a significant professional goal that I've been thrilled to see come to fruition.

As an owner, I appreciate the professional support that IRIS offers in taking care of the numerous facets of running the business and growing the practice so that when I'm at work, I can solely focus on my patients. When I go home, I can be present, active and engaged with my wife and kids, with peace of mind knowing the business is in great hands. 

Tammy Baker, Optician & Owner


I have been an optician and manager at the Parksville IRIS store since 2015, and I have been a part of the great IRIS family for 30 years! I am a mom of 5 children, three of whom are teenagers.

When my children were small, I moved to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I have always loved the small community atmosphere. In Parksville, I built a trusting relationship with my patients, who return year after year.

My career began at age 19 when I started at London Optical in Richmond. After Dr. Francis Jean acquired the business, I trained as a prescription optician. Upon graduation, I was promoted to manager of the Parksville store. Becoming a partner in the store where I have worked for almost three decades was a logical next step in my career path.

For relaxation, my family and I have a passion for hiking. Most days, we take the dogs out to explore the many trails on Vancouver Island.

If you are an Optometrist or Optician looking to join a team of passionate eye care professionals, please contact a member of our professional recruitment team to discuss further your hopes and career aspirations, including ownership interest.

We look forward to getting to know each other better! 

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