At IRIS, the health and well-being of our team members are a priority. We work hard for each staff member to maintain a balance between work, family and happiness.

We promote healthy lifestyles and have implemented physical health and mental wellness initiatives to provide a workplace where fulfillment, appreciation and development are at the forefront.

Since February 2021, we have offered all our team members a Fitbit smartwatch. The smartwatch and its application provide a ton of relevant information on sleep quality, stress management, nutrition and the prevention of certain diseases through healthy lifestyle habits in a single "click."

Every month, we also offer conferences on stress management. These conferences aim to educate and equip our team members to recognize stress signals and thus develop tools to reduce stress, improve communication and adopt positive behaviours.

Our staff also has access to the Dialogue platform. Dialogue is a virtual platform that brings together a team of health professionals, whether a nurse, doctor, psychologist or nutritionist, for all physical or mental health issues.

Our staff is insured. The IRIS group insurance program includes extensive coverage. Whether it is for a trip to a dream destination, a well-deserved massage or a dental treatment, our team members have insurance coverage tailored to their needs.

At IRIS, our core values are passion, honesty and respect. The more we grow, the more we see how our employees put these values into practice daily. Our people are the key differentiator of IRIS. IRIS team members will tell you that being part of the IRIS team is truly a unique and rewarding experience and much more than just a career.