At IRIS, we aim to positively impact the environment in as many aspects of our business as possible. As eye care professionals, the health of your eyes is always our priority.

That's why we recommend daily disposable contact lenses as the best option for reducing the risk of complications such as infiltrative keratitis, infectious ulcers and conjunctivitis.

However, you might think that daily disposable contact lenses are more polluting than monthly lenses because of the containers and cleaning products used. Still, there is no significant difference between the two types of contacts regarding carbon footprint.

Recycling your lenses is easy! Bring your contact lenses and their blister packaging to IRIS. We will place them in a designated box and ensure all liquids are disposed of. Also, note that the cardboard lens boxes are recyclable through your municipal recycling service. If it is not possible to bring your used contact lenses to us, it is preferable to dispose of them in the garbage rather than in the sink or toilet to avoid pollution of waterways by micro particles.