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It All Starts With Your Prescription

Everyone is unique and so are our eyes. That's why at IRIS, we want to get to know you in depth to be able to better serve you. For the past few years now, we have been using a unique system to easily collect information about our patients, through the IRIS Profile. The 5 key elements of the IRIS Profile help us understand who you are, in order to advise you in the best possible way. We ask you a series of questions before, during and after your eye exam. The answers are entered in an iPad, so that the team of professionals at your local IRIS store can easily access your information and guide you through your choice of glasses.

The hand of an optometrist while he is entering data into an iPad on the IRIS Profile app

The First Step: Getting Your Prescription
To complete the purchase of new glasses, you must have your prescription on hand. It can be obtained by having an eye exam with the optometrist, and is valid for one year. But what if you’ve had your eyes checked recently, but think your vision has changed since? It is best to make an appointment for a verification exam to make sure you have the correct prescription in your new glasses.

Your optometrist will recommend glasses for you to see near, far or at any distance, depending on your prescription and your needs. Do you have perfect vision? We can check if your sunglasses properly protect your eyes from UV rays. If you often use your computer, phone or tablet, the optometrist may recommend TruBlue glasses or lenses that filter blue light.

A reading chart used to test the vision during an eye exam

We Want to Know Your Story!
Are you already a customer at IRIS? Your profile includes your vision correction history, as well as your previous purchases. If you are a new customer, we will analyze the lenses of the glasses you currently wear and add the information to your chart, such as prescription and type of lenses. If you are satisfied with your current glasses, we will be able to offer you similar options, or we could simply change the lenses. On the other hand, if you are tired of your old glasses, our team will help you choose from our wide range of frames, options that will differ from your other ones.

A mother-daughter-grandmother photo. The little girl is eating watermelon while her grandmother and mother are cutting slices of the fruit

What are Your Hobbies?
Before you see the optometrist, you will complete a questionnaire about the activities you practice in your everyday life. The purpose of this exercise is to understand how you use your eyes! For example, if you sew or read regularly, we will offer glasses designed to optimize vision. On the other hand, if you do sports on a regular basis, we will suggest glasses with a better field of vision to help you see well from a distance. Are your glasses bulky for certain activities? In that case, the optometrist could suggest you try contact lenses, or even talk to you about refractive surgery.


A couple is hiking in the woodsWe Want to Get to Know You Better!
In order to determine which model of frames suit you best, we will ask you questions about your style to get familiar with your tastes. Is your style out of the ordinary? We can offer you coloured glasses or unusually shaped ones! If your style is more classic, we can have you try neutral-coloured frames to match your clothes. We will also make sure to advise you according to the shape of your face and to the colour of your eyes. To help you choose your new glasses we can even take into consideration the way you wear makeup.

Bethany Menzel is smiling, wearing glassesOptions for All Budgets
Our range of lenses includes several categories, from basic lenses to customized lenses according to your visual behaviour and needs. Different treatment options are also available for all budgets! For example, we can offer basic anti-reflective as well as improved versions of polarized lenses that change colour in the sun. We also offer options with blue light filters. Thanks to the iProfile app, we can produce an estimate with several price ranges to guide you in your choice of glasses. Various promotions are also ongoing throughout the year! IRIS also offers the most competitive insurance of the entire industry: the No Matter What Guarantee. Since buying glasses can be a big part of your budget, it's also possible to complete your purchase with Accord D's no-interest financing.

A pink piggy bank wearing glasses

Thanks to your IRIS profile, our professionals will be able to provide options that fit your vision, and that resemble who you are. To experience better vision, make an appointment at your local IRIS store!

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