Joëlle is a fashionista who lives life to the fullest and enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city— more particularly, Toronto, her adopted city.

A native of Ottawa, she has always felt a great attraction for big cities due to their architecture, people and culture. She appreciates old neighborhoods where the juxtaposition of modern and old brings a unique cachet.  

She is the mother of a little boy. She enjoys renovating her house to create a home that reflects her personality.

Joëlle describes her fashion style as simple and feminine. She is the creator of the blog: La Petite Noob, where "petite" refers to her small size. Her goal is to give advice on her favourite places to find fabulous outfits, have great style and feel good. She wants her outfits to be a source of inspiration for other petite women.

What brings her the most joy about her blog is her interaction with her readers. Every comment and email she receives motivates her to always give her best.