Discover Keniki and Palakiko! Maui Jim sunglasses exclusively available at IRIS and inspired by its history.

IRIS is a long-time partner and friend of Maui Jim. IRIS stores were the first in Canada to offer Maui Jim sunglasses to their customers. 

With their superior quality polarized lenses and perfect glare blocking, Maui Jim sunglasses also offer an exceptional quality of vision, which allows its wearers to distinguish different colours perfectly. This is possible thanks to a unique technology developed by Maui Jim that allows for the dynamization of colours.

Based on the collaboration and mutual respect between Maui Jim and IRIS, two styles were created exclusively for IRIS. Dive into the brilliance of this collaboration!

Introducing Palakiko and Keniki.


In Hawaiian, Francis translates to Palakiko. These sunglasses were created with this incredible leader as inspiration, the founder of IRIS, Dr. Francis Jean.

Palakiko is a comfortable, wraparound frame with slim lenses that provide optimal coverage and crisp, colourful vision for all your outdoor adventures. Let Palakiko lead the way!


Dr. Francis Jean had an unconditional love for his wife, Denise. What better way to pay tribute to this refined and distinguished woman than with these Keniki sunglasses? 

Keniki reinvents a classic style with a light touch of colour. The acetate frame is paired with the clarity of highly tapered lenses to provide comfort and a clear view of what lies ahead. Move forward with confidence with Keniki.

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