School engages children's brains, but it also puts a strain on their eyes. Here are some tips to help your child see clearly until the end of the school year.

 Eye Exam

If your child has never had an eye exam with an optometrist before, it would be beneficial to schedule one. Since much of the learning takes place through their eyes, undiagnosed vision problems often translate into poorer academic performance. Make an appointment now.

Sports and Eye Protection

Good vision is essential for success in most sports. It is believed that sports activities are responsible for around 42,000 injuries each year, nearly half of them in children under age 15. Therefore, wearing appropriate protection is essential to protect your child's beautiful blue, green or brown eyes, especially if they are playing ball or contact sports.

 Prolonged Computer Use

With the current pandemic, children are spending a lot more time using digital screens. Unfortunately, reading on a screen is very demanding to their eyes (infinitely more than reading on paper). It can cause various temporary symptoms (headaches, visual fatigue, blurred vision, neck pain and shoulders, dry eyes, etc.). This is called computer visual fatigue syndrome.

Student life is an exciting stage in life, but it also has its share of constraints. Help your children succeed by teaching them to take care of their eyes. They may not thank you instantly, but they will thank you for it in the long run.