For a moment, forget the primary function of glasses. Think of them as a fashion accessory. An accessory like jewelry, a scarf or shoes. In addition to correcting your vision, glasses serve to enhance your style and emphasize your look.  

At IRIS, we offer diverse, colourful and high-quality brands. Among these brands, we offer exclusives that you will not find elsewhere; LYA is one of those little gems! LYA frames combine aesthetics, design and style. They have been selected and tested by our professionals. The LYA collection combines fashion, quality, uniqueness and affordability to provide you with personalized frames that you will love and want to wear every day.


The founder of IRIS, Dr. Francis Jean, optometrist, used to say: Love You All. Three simple words that perfectly illustrate our love and passion for the people around us. We love our customers, and we are constantly working to give our best and offer the highest standards of quality eye care for your glasses.

The LYA frame collection is available on our website and all IRIS stores across Canada. You will love LYA frames as much as we do. 


Discover the LYA collection here