The holiday season means getting together with family and friends. It's a time when we feel more relaxed, and it's good to share good times with our loved ones. There is something magical in the air.

We look forward to some well-deserved time off to unwind and spoil ourselves. Let the festivities begin! 

Here are a few tips to make your Holiday happy hour a success.


Decorating is key to creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere. Key elements for decoration include greenery, ornaments and ribbons. As for the rest, we give free rein to our imagination to rethink how to reuse certain objects differently year after year. For example, decorative tea plates can be used to hold scented candles, or a martini glass with cranberries can be used as a centrepiece.

Mason jars can also be used in various ways to decorate the home in an original and inexpensive way. They can be filled with sugar and pinecones for a "winter wonderland" effect or with cranberries to give it a complete Holiday feel! You can also transform them into candleholders by putting salt in them and inserting a small round candle to create a warm atmosphere.   

Are you looking for ideas for your holiday decor? Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration.


It sets the tone for the evening. Ideally, create a playlist a few days beforehand that matches the desired mood.

Lack of time? Different applications, such as Spotify, offer numerous playlists with various themes.

Finally, without going overboard, add a few Christmas classics to your selection, as this is the only time of year when you can listen to them.

The Welcome Cocktail

Welcome family and friends with an original and festive aperitif. Champagne, liqueurs and other drinks: don't reinvent the classics, but focus on their presentation. For example, punch is offered in a dispenser on a stand or glasses are placed in a serving tray. The choice of glasses is also important: they must be adapted to the drinks consumed. Make sure you have enough for everyone.

A friendly menu

The holidays are a time to enjoy family and friends, and you need to be able to enjoy the evening as much as your guests. The cocktail party formula is an excellent idea to liven up your happy hour... and to satisfy the most demanding gourmets who like to try everything! Be sure to offer a wide variety of dishes and provide enough to please everyone.

Your look

Have you ever opened the door to your guests dressed in your apron or old jeans? You can avoid this situation by organizing your schedule to spend a few minutes perfecting your look before the doorbell rings.

In terms of outfits, while sequins remain timeless, many other fabrics, like velvet, work well for the Holidays. This is also the time to wear your most colourful glasses!