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Meet Léonie, new IRIS Ambassador

We are pleased to welcome to our beautiful team our new Ambassador, Léonie Pelletier. Léonie is a young entrepreneur, blogger and mother of 2 children. We asked her a few questions in order to get to know her better.

1. When did you start wearing glasses?

In grade 11, so probably 17 years old

2. What is your go to style when it comes to eyewear?

I am a girl who loves to be daring, who likes to be different, I have a little edgy side. That said, my go-to style of eyewear is thick frames and non-traditional colours. But, I am also a chameleon! On certain days my look is delicate and feminine and the next, I will sport very square and dark frames.

3. What are your hobbies?

I love taking walks with my family, hiking, long walks in the forest, relaxing at the chalet, and sports in general, whether biking, running in winter, tennis, or working out in general.

4. What’s your go to health tip?

I often think it's a question of balance, of equilibrium. A healthy mind in a healthy body. It's great to have good eating habits, but a little treat when you want it, makes you feel good and that's healthy in my opinion, not to deprive yourself!

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always said that I would work in television and I would not have a boss. My studies followed my dream, but my career path was different and I am very happy with this. We can say that I  achieved the the second part of what I wanted to become. ;)

6. What is your favourite meal?

Oh boy, difficult question to answer, I love to eat. I hesitate between a big fresh salad with lots of lemon juice or a good pasta dish with rosé sauce.

7. Do you have a hidden talent?

I am really good at doing push-ups. Haha jokes aside, I like to sing. Only for my son and my boyfriend. It's for fun, I'm not the singer of the century.

8. Where would you like to travel next and why?

I’ve always dreamt of visiting Greece! Although, Italy is also tempting, as is Asia.

9. What is your favourite colour?

It depends for what! I adore dressing in black. But, that isn’t really a colour…For me, as far as colour palettes go, blue is the most beautiful colour. I also really like red when it comes to art in all of it’s forms.

10. Why are you proud to be an IRIS Ambassador?

For so many reasons ! I feel very moved, honoured and lucky to have been selected! It makes me very proud because it is a wonderful company which I've been encouraging for years, so it's only natural for me to speak about it. IRIS has frames for my sometime original tastes, but also for the rest of my family who can be more conservative, sophisticated or classic. IRIS also relies on the idea of being a big family, which speaks to my values, so it makes me very happy today to be part of theirs!

Léonie Pelletier new IRIS ambassadorFrames Zac Posen, Kian.

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