Passion is definitely a word that raises many emotions... When IRIS asked me to talk about my passion, honestly, I had to think about it. People I know often speak of one particular passion that they have, whether it be reading, running, drawing, fashion, decoration, meditation ... I felt like I was unable to think of a specific activity or hobby ... What if I had more than one passion?

There are many things that make me feel great. My job as a TV host is a passion in itself, but it also encompasses many aspects. Early in my life I knew that I had a facility to speak in front of a class, because I really liked doing presentations in front of the class. Of course, I was a little nervous at first, but I would quickly ease into it. Especially when I made the class laugh or saw in their eyes that I had captivated their attention. At 14, I found that I was having a hard time reading the board and I realized that my eyesight had changed. A few weeks later, I was wearing my first pair of glasses and since then glasses have been there for me in all my projects. Since I am always observing things and people, my glasses are essential to my career. It has been 20 years already that I’ve been in this business. Very early in my life I wanted to share and exchange, I always liked to chat. I am curious by nature. My mother would often smile at me and say: “Saskia, you ask a lot of questions!” Well, I made a job out of it! As a TV host, I am the one who asks the questions, but I also question myself in order to be well prepared before interviews.

Saskia Thuot is reading in her garden

Reading is therefore at the heart of my profession. Reading research files, articles and books is part of my everyday job. Just with my TV show Bien, I can read up to 2 books per show and we tape 32 shows per year, which represents more than 60 books, and that does not include those I devour for my own personal pleasure! At the same time, writing is also at the centre of my life. As far as I can remember, I have always kept a diary, notebook and pencils handy. I keep track of my life, my adventures, my family stories, friendships and love. I love to write. It’s a bit like a therapy for me. By putting my thoughts in this notebook, I sometimes find answers ...

In my travels, I almost always bring my laptop to be able to work on the road, to write texts like this one, to prepare my broadcasts or simply to search on the web. For the past few months, I have had the joy to wear my favourite sunglasses, the Maui Jim aviator in which I have my prescription. It's so perfect that I sometimes forget to take them off ... My kids often tell me: "Mom, why are you still wearing your sunglasses, you are indoors!’’  Above all, I love them because they allow me to work under the sun. My eyes are protected, I see everything well and in addition these shades are so pretty. The best of both worlds!