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Our Best Tips for Ultimate Comfort When Wearing Contact Lenses

During the summer, many people take the opportunity to try contact lenses for the first time. Lenses have the advantage of replacing glasses, which can be cumbersome for some summer activities. You are a new contact lenses wearer? Follow these tips to put the odds on your side and make sure your lenses are as comfortable as possible.

1. Good Hygiene is Important
We cannot say it enough: good hygiene is crucial for contact lenses wearers! During the day, deposits accumulate on your lenses, which can irritate your eyes and cause eye infections. That's why lenses need to be cleaned every day when they are worn. Remember to wash your hands before handling your lenses, to avoid contaminating your eyes. To clean your lenses, rub them gently and rinse them with the solution, and then soak them in a case filled with clean solution. Never reuse the same solution twice. Avoid tap water as it may contaminate the lenses. To rub them, use the solution that was recommended to you when buying the lenses. Your solution has been specifically designed for your contact lenses, so do not change your solution brand without consulting your optometrist or optician. It is also important not to use another type of container than the one provided to you to keep your lenses in. The case must be replaced every three months. If you prefer not to worry about the maintenance of your lenses, opt for 1-day lenses. A new pair is used every day, so they do not need cleaning.

2. Respect the Recommended Wearing Period
To avoid irritating your eyes and drying them out, never exceed the recommended wearing time your optometrist prescribes. When possible, it is best to reduce the wearing period, for example removing them immediately when you arrive home after your work day. If you wear monthly or bimonthly replacement lenses, replace them at the end of their respective period. A good way to remember to replace them is to always change them on the same day of the week. You can also write the date it was opened on the box or schedule an alert on your phone to remind you to use a new pair. On your last box, remember to write "order" to make sure you do not run out of lenses.

3. Stay Hydrated
Drinking plenty of water is important for everyone, especially for contact lens wearers. Your entire body will benefit from being hydrated including your eyes. If wearing contacts still dries your eyes, use lubricating drops. They can be particularly useful if your eyes are subjected to conditions that can dry out your eyes, for example if you spend a lot of time in front of the digital screens or in air-conditioned spaces. To find out what types of drops will be effective and compatible with your lenses, talk to your optometrist.

4. Take Precautions When Applying Makeup
Do you wear contact lenses and wear makeup regularly? We would highly recommend that you use soluble and hypoallergenic makeup products. They do not contain perfume and are less likely to irritate your eyes. When using hairspray or any other aerosol or spray product, close your eyes. This will prevent the product from getting on the surface of your lenses. Also, remember to put your contacts on before applying makeup on your eyes, and to remove them before you remove makeup.

5. In Case of Discomfort, Remove Your Lenses
If your eyes are red or watery or if your vision is blurred after inserting your contact lenses, remove them. By continuing to wear them, the situation can worsen. If the discomfort persists, consult your optometrist. Your eye doctor will be able to determine if your symptoms are the result of an infection or an irritation caused by your contact lenses. In order to be able to remove your lenses no matter where you are, bring your glasses when you leave the house.

If you are a new contact lenses wearer, you have to know that getting used to them can take a little time and adjustments.  After a few days, you will become accustomed to wearing them and you will not feel them anymore. If you still feel discomfort, talk to your optometrist. They may advise you to try another brand of lenses that can provide better oxygenation.

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