In 2022, the most prominent nutrition trend is undoubtedly plant-based foods. This trend has taken off with the new food guide, which emphasizes proteins rather than the group of meats and substitutes.

The different sources of plant proteins are as follows: the best known is undoubtedly tofu, but they are also found in tempeh, legumes, nuts and seeds, and textured plant protein.

Proteins are the main structural components of all the cells in the human body. Proteins are chains of amino acids that can be found in the composition of muscles, skin, nails, hair and blood. Proteins are also the basis of many hormones, enzymes and antibodies and are necessary for the growth, repair and defence of body tissues. 

Here are 3 benefits of consuming more plant-based protein:

Protecting the environment

In an era where water is becoming increasingly scarce, global warming is a significant issue, and animal welfare is a concern for many; this benefit is significant. First of all, to grow, harvest and produce plant products, less water is required than to produce meat. We are talking about 35% less freshwater consumption for the production of plant products than for animal products. Furthermore, greenhouse gas emissions from animal production are known to cause climate change. Global meat production emits 14.5% of the CO2 produced every day.

Preventing the risk of developing cardiovascular problems or diabetes

On the health side, eating a plant-based diet allows you to eat more fibre and antioxidants and reduce saturated fat and cholesterol. Thus, we note a 62% decrease in the risk of type 2 diabetes in the vegetarian population, a 32% decrease in heart disease risk, and a 20% decrease in the risk of cancer.

Save Money

A vegetarian diet is five times less expensive than a carnivorous diet. Think about it... a kilo of dry lentils costs $3.00 and can feed a family of 4 without worrying about more than one meal, whereas it will take 1 kilo of lean ground beef at $15/ to feed the same family for one meal. This saves several hundred dollars per year! So, over a whole year, it would be possible to save up to $1000 if we ate vegan every day.

Don't hesitate to add some lentils to your chilli or spaghetti sauce in your next recipes.