Most of your leisure activities can be even more enjoyable with glasses adapted to your vision correction and specifically designed for your favourite activity, whether it's reading at the beach, road biking, paddle boarding, hiking or drinking on a patio.

Here are a few reasons to adopt the right pair of glasses that fit your lifestyle and are comfortable to wear.

First, protect your eyes from the sun

Optometrists say, "Sunglasses are to the eyes what sunscreen is to the skin." Indeed, sunglasses protect the eyes and their appendages from UV rays, which can cause damage to the skin around the eyes and eyelids and several internal structures of the eye, including the cornea, the lens and the retina. Sun protection is also essential in cloudy conditions, as some UV radiation persists.

Second, a tailored solution for your preferred activity

In addition to UV protection, sunglasses can provide comfort for your activity. For example, you won't choose the same frame and lenses if you're going hiking in the woods or if you're going water skiing!

For water sports enthusiasts

If you're into water sports, you'll want to ensure your lenses have a hydrophobic coating! With this treatment, you'll be able to see well at all times because it facilitates the run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. Water will run off the surface of the lens instead of sticking to it. 

Grey polarized lenses can also be a wise choice as these are ideal for someone sensitive to the sun, especially if they go boating, since the polarizing filter reduces the effect of water reflecting off the lens;

For nature and forest lovers

A yellow base in the lens is often recommended for adequate brightness in the forest and in the sun. You'll also want to consider: Photochromic lenses with a tint of 1 to 3, which will allow you to keep the same pair of sunglasses throughout your hike, but see well whether you're deep in the forest or in a meadow in the sun. 

You may also consider cords or hooks, so your frame stays in place, especially if you're biking or running, and polycarbonate lenses which are very light and impact resistant.

For golf enthusiasts

If you're the type who gets your golf clubs out when the snow hasn't completely melted, you'll want to get Maui Jim's golf eyewear with polarized brown or green lenses for the summer! Ideal for golfers, these tints increase contrast and make it easier for you to detect the white ball on the green.

Consult your IRIS eye care professional for personalized advice on which lens to choose.