To become an optometrist, you must first have a scientific mind, keen interest, and curiosity for the health field. University studies in optometry are very demanding and limited. After college studies in natural science, you must undertake an undergraduate doctorate in optometry. The university studies to become an optometrist are a total duration of 5 years (11 sessions). The doctorate is offered on a full-time basis only.

The first year of the doctorate provides knowledge in the basic disciplines required for optometry. 

The second year is mainly devoted to acquiring the theoretical foundations necessary for optometry, such as the basics of optometry with the physiology of the eye. 

The third year is mainly devoted to deepening the theoretical foundations, acquiring practical foundations in the laboratory, and clinical initiations. 

During the fourth year of the program, it is the time to deepen the basic knowledge of optometry, to acquire knowledge in the main disciplines of optometry with integration in the University Clinic to carry out clinical sessions on real clients, in addition to being introduced to research in optometry.

Finally, the fifth year of the program is mainly devoted to actual clinics at the University under the supervision of the professors, as well as the realization of research work in optometry. 

The essential qualities to be an optometrist are a well-developed scientific mind, excellent analytical and synthesis skills, a heightened sense of responsibility, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills are qualities usually required of optometrists.

In addition to owning their clinic in the private sector, optometrists may have access to management positions in the public sector depending on their professional experience and improving their skills during their careers. They may also specialize in more specific areas of optometry. 

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