2019 has been quite a busy year for me! I worked very hard to develop my small business and to make myself known in the world of interior decorating and of content creation, resulting in my biggest professional year to date. And, IRIS has supported me through my many projects this year.

Having a business that operates almost exclusively via an online store and a blog, in addition to all of my other projects via social networks, I can confirm that I spent most of the year behind the screen of my computer and of my phone. For the first time, I opted for lenses with a filter that protects against blue light and I can tell you with conviction that I felt the difference I found that my eyes were much less tired and dry, allowing me to be productive throughout my long workdays.

Vanessa Béland is picking apples, smiling and choosing a Christmas tree while wearing her IRIS glasses

Also, having several pairs of glasses allowed me to reinvent my look in the different photos that I took for my social media contracts. 

I also loved wearing contact lenses! There were many unsuccessful attempts before, but I can say, with joy, that can now comfortably put on my contact lenses. In addition, I had the chance to test the Acuvue Oasys Transitions technology which helps with glare, something that prevented me from driving at night before I wore these contacts. It has greatly reduced the blinding effects of the lights at night and surprisingly, I now sometimes drive my husband and I to our date nights! 

What I liked most about my collaboration with IRIS is definitely the feeling of inclusion that I felt during my many visits to the different stores! Let’s be real, sometimes when you have a very narrow face or a curvier one like mine, it can become difficult to find frames that fit well. On the other hand, not once did I feel as if the selection offered was limited, something that had never happened to me before. I was more than happy with the many options available to me, and I completely fell in love with two frames. Even with sunnies! I have been more than served this year.

I also started surrounding myself with quality items in order to consume less and better. I can confirm that the products offered by IRIS fit perfectly with this vision. I ended up with quality products and I couldn't have asked for more.

In conclusion, I’ve had one of the best years of my life and I am 100% grateful that IRIS allowed me to see everything very clearly and a special mention to my favourite pair of sunglasses with tinted lenses that make me see ‘’la vie en rose’’! (Which is really the best scenario for me haha!)