"IRIS's goal will always be to elevate the perceived value of vision care and our industry in society." Dr. Francis Jean, founder of IRIS, The Visual Group.

IRIS! Proudly Canadian. 

IRIS has become the largest network of optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists under one banner. Together, they work to give Canadians the experience of better vision. 

The story of IRIS, The Visual Group, began in 1986 when Dr. Francis Jean opened his first optometry clinic in his hometown of Baie-Comeau, Quebec. He subsequently founded a buying group, with the participation of several like-minded optometrists, who became part of the IRIS brand in 1990.

The mission: Founded over 30 years ago, IRIS has always strived to be a leading-edge brand focused on improving the vision of Canadians. Every day, IRIS professionals go the extra mile to deliver the highest quality professional products and services. 

Our vision: As one of the largest networks of optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists in Canada, IRIS ensures that it remains one of the most recognized and appreciated brands by evolving the IRIS experience, both for its patients and all its team members.

Our values: Passion. Honesty. Respect. 

Passion: It's the leitmotif—the main motivation. IRIS professionals are committed to their patients and team members out of passion.

Honesty: It's a watchword at IRIS—authenticity for their commitments to the interests of their patients and colleagues. 

Respect: It's a deeply held belief. The members of IRIS are respectful not only of others but also of themselves. This is how goals are achieved. Every effort is made to understand the particular needs of all staff and patients.

IRIS is 100% Canadian. 100% passionate, honest and respectful for the love of Canadians.