Sunglasses are often associated with the beach and summer. However, it is just as important to wear sunglasses in winter.

Here are the reasons that convince you to wear sunglasses in winter but for all 4 seasons.

Protection against UV rays

Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the eye. However, they can be very harmful. They can even cause long-term health problems. Therefore, children need to wear protective sunglasses from an early age.

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are a wise choice because they reduce glare. They reduce light intensity by at least 50%. These glasses eliminate reflections on horizontal surfaces, such as those that appear on snow, ice and water.

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses are not only aesthetic. On the contrary, the mirror effect also helps to reduce glare and protect the eyes.

Skin cancer

Did you know that 5% to 10% of skin cancers develop around the eyes? Yes, this fragile area is generally not sufficiently protected from the sun. It is, therefore, important to wear sunglasses on sunny days as well as on cloudy days.

General comfort for your eyes

The glare of the sun on our eyes is not pleasant and not relaxing. This is even more true in winter. Indeed, the sunlight reflects on the snow and the water. This creates glare for the eyes. For your safety and the health of your eyes, don't forget your sunglasses during the cold season. During your winter sports activities, choose sunglasses that are adequate for your activity. 

Adapting to low light

When you spend a short time in bright sunlight, the eye has difficulty quickly adapting to darkness or different indoor light levels. Quality sunglasses will allow your pupil to adapt well to any light. However, poor-quality sunglasses will block some light without filtering out UV, which is harmful to your eyes. 

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