The IRIS No-Matter-What Guarantee, 12 Months, No Questions Asked!


The IRIS No-Matter-What guarantee allows you to have your frame repaired or replaced if it breaks, no matter what the reason, at no cost within one year of purchase and at 50% of your original purchase price if it breaks within the second year.


This guarantee is valid for your prescription lenses as well. IRIS will replace your fully coated prescription lenses should they break or be scratched for any reason within one year of the original purchase date.


Quite incredible, isn't it?  Our guarantee is the best in the industry!


We have asked our IRIS colleagues to share their favourite stories about the IRIS No-Matter-What guarantee. Here are some of them:


Marie-Ève Deschesne, Manager, Lachute, QC


"A gentleman put his glasses on his head while he was mowing the lawn on a small tractor. When he was done, he reached for his glasses as he walked inside his house and realized they were no longer there. He returned outside only to find parts of his glasses twisted by the tractor. He called us, and I explained to him to return the parts and that we would order him a new pair of glasses, free of charge.  He simply could not get over it!!"




Caroline Legault, Manager, Papineauville, QC


"Twice rather than once because the lady had bought two pairs of glasses. She put one pair of glasses on her bedside table for the night, and to her surprise, her dog ate her glasses! In the evening, she put her second pair in the middle of the kitchen table, removing all chairs to make sure her dog didn't climb on the table. Surprise !!!!! Her dog managed to climb on the table and eat her second pair. I can tell you she was embarrassed but was very happy with our guarantee. However, I don't know if she still has her dog!"






Jason House, Associate, Red Deer, Alberta


"About a year ago, I had a customer who was originally not very happy with his glasses and had even left an unflattering review. About 4 months later, his puppy chewed through his frame. Thanks to the warranty, I was able to replace his frame and lenses. The same day, he changed his opinion and gave us 5 stars."



France St-Arnaud, Optometrist, Ste-Rose, Laval


"I have a very good story about my sister-in-law who wanted to change the light bulb in her oven. Since her focus was at the bottom, but the bulb is at the top, she took off her glasses to see better (she can read without glasses) and left her glasses in the oven. The phone rang, and while she was on the phone, my brother-in-law walked through the kitchen, saw the oven door open and closed it. He turned on the oven to eventually heat his pizza.  Since the glasses were still under warranty, it was at no cost to her, and she was able to get a new pair of glasses quickly."


Lyne Charpentier, Manager, St-Hilaire, QC


"A man returns to his car with his arms full of packages. He puts his glasses on the roof of his car while he puts his groceries inside...he forgets his glasses, backs out of the parking lot and remembers his glasses on the roof of the car, so he drives back into the parking lot. In the meantime, the glasses have fallen on the ground, and he drives over them. He calls me in a hurry, and I tell him to pick up all the pieces and bring them to me so that we can make him a completely new pair of glasses. He was thrilled to have this guarantee."


Julie Comeau, Manager, Cowansville, QC


"A customer bought glasses for the first time at IRIS; her first pair with progressive lenses. I explain the guarantee, and she tells me that it is useless, that she has never broken her glasses in 20 years!  She comes back for the delivery, laughing at the fact that people use the guarantee because they are careless! She calls 48 hours later, a little embarrassed... and tells me she shouldn't have laughed. On her way to work, she thought the snowstorm was worse than predicted... only to realize when she cleaned her glasses when she got to the office that her old cat had nibbled her first progressive lenses! She was delighted and found the IRIS guarantee suddenly incredible and indispensable!"



Sylvie Vigneault, Associate, Havre-Saint-Pierre, QC


"We had a lady who bought two pairs of clear/tinted glasses. She was so happy because it was her first pair of Rx sunglasses. She didn't have time to enjoy her beautiful sunglasses. Her spouse put the garbage out the next morning, which included the IRIS bag with the glasses! Poor lady, she was very disappointed."