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The IRIS Profile

IRIS is the largest network of optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists in Canada. IRIS professionals share the mission of offering you high quality products and services in the field of visual health and they are committed to bringing you the experience of a better vision.

As a leader in the industry, IRIS has developed the iProfile application for iPads. This app allows IRIS professionals and team members to work together to complete the 5 elements of your IRIS Profile. 

The IRIS Profile makes it possible to better answer your visual needs according to your lifestyle, while respecting your tastes and your budget.


Get to know the five elements of your IRIS Profile!

1 - Your prescription

After completing your prescription, your IRIS Optometrist will recommend options to improve your vision while ensuring the health of your eyes. By communicating that information to their team members, Optometrists ensure your IRIS Profile will be completed with your needs in mind.


2 - Your history

The iProfile app allows IRIS professionals and team members to quickly understand your vision correction history. They will inquire about your previous vision correction options in order to make sure all future purchases meet your lifestyle needs.


3 - Your daily activities

By using the iProfile app, IRIS professionals and team members will take the time to better understand your visual needs in all aspects of your daily routine. Thanks to their expertise, they will be able to recommend frames and lenses that suit both your prescription and your lifestyle. They will also recommend sun protection options to enhance your visual comfort and ensure your eyes remain healthy while enjoying the outdoors. Depending on your lifestyle, they may also offer information regarding contact lenses or laser refractive surgery options. The IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic, located in Laval, Quebec, offers several different surgical vision correction options.


4 - Your personality

IRIS professionals will help you choose the most appropriate frames for the shape of your face while taking into consideration your personal style and your prescription to ensure the best vision possible. Choosing the right frame is just as important as choosing the right lens, and you can trust the IRIS professionals to use their expertise to help you achieve the best possible clarity of vision and comfort during all of your activities. IRIS professionals use cutting edge iMeasure technology to precisely record all of the personalized measurements required to build your custom eyewear.


5 - Your budget

Recommending vision correction options that respect your budget is important. By using the iProfile app, IRIS professionals and team members can offer you:

• Interest free financing through Desjardins Accord D program
• Direct billing to most insurance companies
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In addition, all of your prescription eyewear purchases are covered by the IRIS No Matter What Guarantee, the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, at no extra charge!

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