Right on St-Denis Street in Montreal, between Rachel and Duluth, stands a unique IRIS store. At its opening a little over 15 years ago, it was devoted to offering original and imported frames, hence the unique, airy and open decor particular to this location. Since then, it constantly remained on the lookout for trends and for its customers' desires, and currently offers a variety of popular and prized frames. A lot of its patients are working in the artistic field and/or are self-employed.

Since the store has been anchored in the Plateau for many years, the professionals who work there are pleased to welcome a very faithful customer base. A lot of them were even patients over twenty years ago, back when the establishment was located downtown. Thus, the store's manager, Pierre L'Espérance, is flattered to be able to discuss family, travel plans and work with his patients. Receiving them is like "receiving our guests"! Furthermore, the store occasionally receives visits from IRIS ambassadors, such as Bryan Audet and Camille DG. It is not unusual to meet some notorious patients there: Pierre Bruneau and his wife, for example, have been trusting the St-Denis Store for over fifteen years.

Collage of Pierre L'espérance and Héloïse Ganachaud as well as a store wall covered in sunglasses

Pierre notices a great deal of complicity between the team members, who form a small family. It includes, among others, Héloïse Ganachaud, an optician born in Vendée in the west of France who settled in Quebec in 1997, to the great delight of her colleagues. Pierre L'Espérance, on top of managing the store, employs his pedagogical skills and his experience in the optical field (in which he is operating since 1990!) to train and coach new team members as well as to implement and provide training on new equipment within the IRIS network.

 If you live on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, don't hesitate to contact Pierre to plan your next eye exam, you will certainly find the perfect glasses!

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