The pleasure of better vision

 Over the past few months, many people have adopted a new way of life. Many have increased their use of electronic devices, whether for working from home, homeschooling, entertainment or communicating with loved ones. Many people have also discovered new outdoor sports or hobbies. But how can you ensure that your vision, visual comfort and eye health are constant during all of these new activities?


Vision and visual comfort while using digital screens

 Whether for work, study, or play, you want to make sure that your vision has not changed since your last eye exam. If your last eye exam was over a year ago and/or if you're experiencing eye strain while on screens, see an Optometrist to make sure your prescription is up to date. Talk to your eye care professionals about the types of lenses or coatings that can increase your visual comfort. Simple rules can also help. First, keep a good distance between your screens and your eyes. A computer screen should be an arm's length (60-70 cm) from your eyes, and you should maintain a forearm (40-50 cm) distance between a tablet or cell phone and your eyes. Also, stick to the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break looking at least 20 feet (6 meters) away. Your eyes are at rest when they look into the distance. Since reflex blinking is often reduced when staring at a screen, which tends to dry out the eyes, consider blinking frequently. It is also possible to use eye lubricants regularly. Your Optometrist can advise you on dry eye issues.


Visual protection under the sun

 The benefits of spending time outdoors for physical and psychological health reasons are well known! Especially in spring and summer, it is essential to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. The clarity and visual comfort you will get with good sunglasses will make you appreciate the beautiful sunny days even more.


This lifestyle may remain for a while, and with summer approaching, why not treat yourself to the pleasure of better vision?