After several months of work, we can finally announce that the operations of the IRIS store in Rock Forest will be relocated to the IRIS store in Sherbrooke! We thought it would be interesting for you to get to know the incredible staff from these two stores a little more. This merger will gather two extraordinary teams under one roof starting September 3rd.

A little over 30 years ago, Dr. Pierre Vallée founded his optometry office in Rock Forest. Dr. Vallée was able to count on Louisette Veilleux-Lessard, an experienced assistant who had been part of the team since the beginning, as well as Denise St-François, who was also an optometry assistant for 13 years. In 2015, Dr. Vallée’s team joined the ranks of IRIS, choosing the banner for its passionate, human, visionary and refined side, but also for the high-end products they offer, as well as for its philosophy of providing a personalized and dignified service to its patients.

Among the team at IRIS Rock Forest is Miss Catherine Dussault-Boutin who has also been with them for the past five years. We are very proud of this teammate who is currently pursuing her studies and who will complete her optician license in April of 2020! The team also consists of Miss Alexandra Audet, an experienced optician, who has been part of the team for over a year, as well as on Dr. Johanne Parent, Optometrist at the store for the past 2 years.

The ophthalmic equipment at IRIS Sherbrooke

The Sherbrooke store, on its end, has been part of the big IRIS family for over 30 years. There are 9 team members, including 3 Opticians (Esther Béland, Sandra Nadeau and Véronique Auger), 4 Optometrists (Dr. Manon Lavergne, Dr. Eric Poulin, Dr. Anne-Sophie Buteau and Dr. Grégoire Deschênes) and a manager, the wonderful, Mrs. Marthe Bouchard, who has been working for the store since 1999. In this small community where everyone knows each other, patients appreciate the warm and very personal welcome of the IRIS Sherbrooke team. Word-of-mouth in the community has been working great for them: they often have new patients come in following the recommendation of a loved one who appreciated their good service.

Patients in both stores will be able to benefit from the expertise of Dr. Anne-Sophie Buteau who made her residency in specialized contact lenses. She is the only optometrist in the Eastern Townships who hold this specialization. This title allows her, among other things, to treat keratoconus and orthokeratology in addition to treating patients with a strong prescription (severe vision problems).

IRIS Sherbrooke is also fortunate to have on its team Dr. Patrick Olivier who specializes in pediatric Ophthalmology. If you make an appointment for your children’s eye exam at this location, there is a good chance they will be seen by Dr. Olivier.

The merge of these two stores will allow the patients of Rock Forest to enjoy the beautiful and large commercial building of the Sherbrooke store. IRIS Sherbrook is also one of the few IRIS stores who distribute high-end designer brands such as Chloé, Dior and Tom Ford, to name just a few. IRIS Sherbrooke is also one of the stores with the largest inventory of children's glasses in the local region. You can find collections from JF Rey, Superflex and Ray-Ban for your little ones and your teenagers. You can also find many models of glasses for babies 6 months and older, which is difficult to find, even in specialty optical stores.

The front desk and the large kids' frames section at IRIS Sherbrooke

Finally, IRIS Sherbrooke can, if necessary, cut and assemble your glasses thanks to their on-site laboratory.

As of September 3rd, these two groups of professionals will team up to offer the same quality service to their patients, but this time under the same roof. We want to welcome Rock Forest patients and invite them to visit the Sherbrooke store. Looking forward to welcoming you to your new IRIS store!