It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before inserting your contact lenses. Water can contain bacteria that are very harmful to the eyes, so be sure to dry your hands thoroughly before applying your lenses. The most hygienic way is to use a microfiber towel or a hand dryer.

Prepare the contact lens

Remove each lens from its packaging and place it on the tip of the finger used to insert the lens. Make sure the lens is right side up, bowl-shaped, and placed on the flat side of the finger for easier application.

Place the lens on your iris

Keep your eye wide open by placing your middle finger on your lower lashes and holding your upper lashes against your eyebrows with your index finger. For the right eye, use your right hand to keep your eye open and your left hand to place the lens. For the left eye, you simply reverse the process.

Insert and center your contact lens

When placing your contact lens, look straight ahead in the mirror and try not to move or blink your eye. Once the lens is in place, wait a few seconds for it to take the shape of your eye.  Do not stare at any specific point and then look left, right, up and down to allow it to settle comfortably. Finally, gently remove your finger from your lashes and gently close your eye.

Feeling discomfort?

If your contact lenses are uncomfortable, an air bubble may be the cause.  Keeping your finger on the center of the lens, gently move the lens to release any air bubbles that may be trapped underneath so that the lens conforms to the shape of your eye. You can also close your eye and gently massage your eyelid with your fingertip to move the lens to the center of the iris. If your lens is still uncomfortable, remove it, clean it with a suitable solution and return to step one.

Assess your comfort

Always double-check the intended eye of the contact lens you are about to put in. This protects you from any discomfort or vision problems, especially if you have a difference in vision between the two eyes. Before you put in your contact lenses, make sure there are no tears or debris in the lenses. If you see any makeup, dust or deposits, clean the lens thoroughly with a suitable solution. Take full advantage of contact lenses for the freedom they give you and the comfort and quality of vision they provide.