At IRIS, respect, honesty and passion are the values of all our associates and vision professionals.  Just like the IRIS brand, our employees are human, refined and visionary.  Each and every one of our employees is an ambassador of IRIS.


This year, two IRIS employees were singled out and nominated by their peers as outstanding IRIS Ambassadors.  Annie Provencher, co-manager of the IRIS store in
Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and Phat Vo, equipment manager at the Langley, BC regional office.


Both stood out by their positive leadership, their capacity to manage change, their unwavering support of their colleagues and their commitment to their work. 


Here is a closer look at two exceptional individuals—two IRIS Ambassadors. Thanks to their work and their passion, they make the IRIS brand grow every day.


Annie Provencher, co-manager, IRIS 120 Rouyn-Noranda since 1990:   Annie’s academic background is quite unique. Interested in the healthcare field and passionate about the arts, Annie began a nursing certificate and completed a certificate in the Visual Arts at UQAT, a university in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region of Quebec. It is at IRIS that she was able to combine her two passions, the health field and her hobby of collecting eyeglass frames.


Annie’s love of eyeglass frames began at Silmo, an eyewear tradeshow in Paris. This experience was a turning point for Annie’s career.  Her passion for the optical field and her enormous creativity quickly led her to climb the ranks to become the head of the contact lens committee and more recently, the frame inventory manager for Quebec. Annie and her team were the creators of the first IRIS Trunk shows. These evenings were truly high-end and renowned events throughout northern Quebec!


Annie is a passionate, committed, cheerful and optimistic person.  She is a wonderful leader and ambassador of the IRIS brand 


Phat Vo, optician, is the equipment manager at the Langley Regional office since 2006: Becoming an optician was the perfect opportunity for Phat to combine his passion for customer service and for technical work. A man of many hats, he is an optician, a student of the renowned Dale Carnegie School and now an equipment manager for IRIS. 


His love for customer service and his fellow employees is reflected in everything he does. What makes him deeply happy is making people smile. A leader at heart, teamwork is his leitmotiv.  He supports and respects his team as much as he does his family members and refers to them as his "IRIS family".

His clients and colleagues are unanimous that Phat Vo is the most caring person they know. He is always willing to go the extra mile, answers all questions with a smile, he is energetic, a great listener and hardworking…he is an exceptional IRIS Ambassador!