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Top Must-See Canadian Destinations

IRIS is a proud Canadian company and, for over 25 years, we have been growing our network across our great nation. Currently present in 5 coast-to-coast provinces, we have witnessed first hand that Canada has some of the most picturesque and diverse landscapes.

Since, summer vacation is just around the corner and that you may be considering a Canadian stay-cation, we want to help you plan for your trip! We’ve compiled some of the most visually striking must-see places, right here in our home and native land. 


British Columbia 
First stop, beautiful British Columbia!  Although this province has a lot to offer as far as beautiful sights, we suggest visiting Vancouver. While visiting this vibrant coastal city, why not take a stroll in the historic park, Stanley Park? A densely forested park, with trees that are up to hundreds of years old. From there you can admire the panoramic view of the green oasis.

Visit one of our 34 IRIS locations in BC, to meet our friendly staff. We are always happy to see fellow Canadians!

Vancouver Stanley Park


To continue your jaw-dropping trip, make sure to have your trusty sunglasses in order to witness the true beauty of the neighbouring province, Alberta, which boasts some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. Situated a short distance south from it’s Banff neighbour Lake Louise, Lake Moraine may be smaller in size but is considered more scenic. This spectacular lake is bright turquoise thanks to the melting glaciers from the surrounding majestic mountain range. Lake Moraine is definitely the type of place that is VERY social media post-worthy!

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Alberta landscapes glaciers mountain

Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Sand Dunes, perfectly demonstrates how diverse Canada’s landscape is. They are the most northern active sand dune formations on earth! This area is only accessible by float plane or boat, and since there are no communities, services or amenities it is for the experienced wilderness enthusiasts. If this type of adventure is not for you, we still encourage you to look up these sand dunes. You won’t believe that this is right here in Canada.


Churchill, Manitoba is THE destination in Manitoba to explore nature’s finest! Whether you want to see polar bears, beluga whales, go bird-watching or experience the enchanting northern lights, this place will surely dazzle you.


The famous Niagara Falls really are eye-catching! At the top of the cliff, you can fully see the  cascades in all their glory, but for a wetter perspective take the elevator down to a look-out point directly behind the falls. Don’t miss the falls at night, they are lit up with colourful lights and the sight is splendid!

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Niagara Falls colourful

When visiting the province of Quebec, you must stop in Montreal for it’s well-known exquisite restaurants, underground city and the beautiful Mount-Royal. For a more decorated and historic site, visit the Notre-Dame Basilica, located in Old Montreal. It’s gorgeous stained glass window will leave you awestruck!

Founded in Baie-Comeau, Quebec, this province offers the most IRIS locations. With 83 stores and counting, no matter where your trip takes you, if you need an eye appointment IRIS is there!

Montreal city Mount-Royal

New Brunswick
Where is the highest tidal range in the world? Well, it is in our very own Bay of Fundy in charming New Brunswick. Perfect for rafting, whale watching and to discover beautiful hiking trails, this area is perfect for the nature lover! Visit the area while the water has receded and you will actually walk the ocean floor!

Fun fact, IRIS has it’s most eastern location in Fredericton.


Nova Scotia
Do you love lobster, blueberries and stunning views? Then you need a stopover in Nova Scotia. Visit Peggy’s Cove famous lighthouse, to take in the fresh ocean air and the beauty of the area.


Prince Edward Island may be Canada’s smallest province, but it does not fall short of the beauty standards established by all of the other Canadian provinces. This island, despite it’s size, has 23 beautiful beaches. Tip: make sure to find an oceanside restaurant so that you may enjoy a fresh bowl of clam chowder while gazing at the red-sand beach.


Newfoundland & Labrador
And lastly, but certainly not the least, Newfoundland & Labrador. While visiting the furthest east province, you must wander through Gros Morne National Park. Hike in this diverse landscape, to spot a moose or caribou surrounded by unique geological formations or take a boat tour on Canada’s own fjord, Western Brooke Pond. Nothing but exceptional beauty!


Now, before you start packing for your trip to visit Canada from far and wide, book an eye exam to make sure that your glasses or contact lenses has your most recent prescription. You don’t want to miss the views of our marvellous country. 


Safe travels!

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