Have you ever been tempted by a beautiful frame that just didn’t look good on you? Often, mere millimetres are what stand in the way of the ideal-for-you frame versus one that is less flattering.

At IRIS, it is now possible to scan your face to find the perfect frame.


Thanks to Topology, it is now possible to choose a pair of quality glasses, custom-made according to your facial features and morphology. The customization of these glasses is where your dream materializes—where you can treat yourself to a unique pair of glasses made just for you!

The process of choosing your bespoke eyewear is very simple. All you have to do is make an appointment at one of our IRIS locations to have your face scanned by one of our opticians and try on a wide selection of over 100 Topology frames on your digitalized face. You will be able to design your frames and see how they look on your face virtually. 


Topology, perfect fit, exceptional vision and remarkable style.

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