Have you ever seen a frame you loved on a display shelf, but when you tried it on, it didn’t quite fit right? Often the difference between a frame that looks great on you and one that is less flattering is just a matter of millimetres.


We have improved our in-store shopping experience with our new face-scanning technology. The scan can then be used to find your ideal bespoke Topology Eyewear frame!


Each person is unique, which is why we believe that your eyewear should be designed specifically for you. Topology offers you quality glasses, made to measure according to your facial features. The personalization of these glasses is unmatched. Unique glasses made for you.


At IRIS, our mission is to improve the vision of Canadians while providing the experience of better vision. It is for this reason that IRIS has partnered with Topology. You will now be able to create your own bespoke glasses.


How does it work?


  • Our iPad application analyzes your face and digitizes more than 20,000 measurements;
  • Each pair of glasses is uniquely created for you and made from high-quality Italian acetate or flexible steel;
  • Your IRIS optician can advise you on style and colour as well as customize the shape of your frame for your face shape;
  • Of course, you will benefit from the IRIS No Matter What Guarantee.

Topology will meet your expectations with custom-made frames and lenses adapted to your needs and lifestyle.