October is the month when nature's colours are at their peak, with red, yellow and orange leaves resembling fire. The soft light typical of autumn offers us a remarkable-looking sky, and the sunsets have the most beautiful red gradations.

October and November are usually busy times for students. Mid-term exams, assignments and end-of-year exam preparations require a lot of reading for an adequate level of preparedness. 

We know that 80% of the information we receive comes through our vision and our eyes.  While we are exposed to UV rays when spending time outdoors, our exposure to UV rays via our digital screens is even greater.  Therefore, Transitions lenses remain a very practical all-in-one solution to help protect your eyes and those of our young students.

Transitions lenses are "cool and smart."   They help maintain good eye health and offer UV and blue light protection.  In addition to comfort, Transitions lenses have a cool factor with 7 colours available.

Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions.  They darken when outdoors and become clear again when indoors. 

Talk to your IRIS professional about the many benefits of Transitions lenses.