When practicing your favorite winter sports, you can count on Transitions photochromic light-smart lenses to provide you with efficient vision outdoors and comfortable vision indoors. From the ski slopes to the après-ski hot chocolate, you'll enjoy clear vision whether you're in the sun or the shade.

Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions. They darken when outdoors and fade when indoors.

Transitions lenses offer you the following benefits:

-       100% UVA and UVB protection;

-       Blue light protection;

-       Adaptation of lens tint to the environment you are in;

-       Comfortable vision with reduced eye strain and light sensitivity.

Transitions smart-light lenses are available in various product ranges to meet all your visual needs. Your trusted optometrist will be able to recommend the right product according to your prescription and lifestyle requirements.

If you are a winter sports enthusiast, we recommend Transitions XTRActive lenses as they offer comfortable vision by darkening no matter the time of the day. These lenses will darken the most when exposed to UV light, regardless of the temperature. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities, and they even tint behind the windshield of your car to protect your eyes from glare while driving.

XTRActive lenses are available in three iconic tints: grey, brown and graphite green, and five new Mirror Style colours: silver, blue-violet, gold-flash, copper and blue-green. These lenses have a mirror effect that intensifies in the sun and adds a trendy touch to your look!

If you are interested in purchasing Transitions lenses and finding the right technology for your favorite winter sports, make an appointment with your IRIS eye care professional.