Whether you are a seasoned snowbird or merely decided to escape the winter on a whim, one thing is for sure, you will need to pack all of your essentials: clothes, toiletries, favourite book, sunscreen… but, have you thought about packing for your eyes? Yes, your eyes need special attention even on vacation. 

First thing to add to your vacation-packing list for your eyes, 1-day contact lenses! 
If you are an experienced contact lens wearer, you know how convenient contact lenses can be when you travel. 1-day contact lenses make life even easier when traveling. You put them on in the morning and dispose of them at night. That’s right, it’s that simple! These are especially convenient if you choose to pack light and to only bring a carry-on. Dailies do not need to be cleaned with solution nor do they need a special carrying case. Added advantage of 1-day contact lenses is that you avoid the risk of infection since there will not be any deposit accumulation from multiple wears. Bring as many pairs as days of travel and voila, you can now see the world in all of its splendour without your glasses. 

If you are a novice when it comes to contact lenses, no need to worry! Speak with your eye care professional they are there to help you through this new process.

Can you imagine arriving at your dream destination, getting to the beach to see the ocean in all of its beautiful glory, without your sunglasses? You struggle to see through your squinted eyes and shield the bright glare with a hand on your forehead…avoid this at all cost! Your eyes can get sunburned too. We apply sunscreen to our skin to protect it from the sun we should take care of our eyes too!  So, for the second, but probably the most important thing to pack for your eyes, SUNGLASSES

Whether you wear contact lenses or not, be sure to pack sunglasses. Of course, prescription sunglasses are recommended for those who need them otherwise if you choose to wear contact lenses, simply opt for a good quality pair of UV blocking sunglasses. 

The suns rays can be harmful to our eyes. UV protecting sunglasses act as the barrier between your eyes and the harmful rays in order to keep them safe and reduce the risk of macular-degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, pterygium and skin cancer. 

When shopping for quality sunglasses opt for a polarized pair. Polarized sunglasses will reduce glare that the sun reflects off the surface of sand, water and even snow. It will also diminish your need to squint, which may cause wrinkles. 

There are so many benefits to wearing sunglasses, plus you can look really stylish! 

IRIS offers a wide range of sunglasses for you to choose from and if you want 1-day contact lenses, we got you covered! Make your appointment today!