If you drove on Autoroute 15 in Laval, Quebec, between Blvd. du Souvenir and Blvd. Saint-Martin, last winter, you must have surely noticed the enchantment of the colourful scintillating lights which simply could not go unnoticed (unless you are driving with your eyes closed, which we suspect was not the case!!!).

Well, Illumi, a Cavalia production, is coming back this year but this time, with an ideal modification for the current social distancing rules: a drive-through experience! And we are proud to announce that IRIS is officially partnering with this sensational project for the second year in a row!

You will be able to marvel at the structures made of over 30, 000 lights through the 3-kilometre driving route, which is 3 times bigger than last year. There is a total of 17 amazing scenes, all more breathtaking than each other, that you'll be able to explore in your car. Some lanes are wider than others to allow you to stop for a few minutes so that you can snap a fabulous photo souvenir with your phone or camera.

From November 19th to 22nd, between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., IRIS will distribute flyers which will include enticing offers to the site's visitors. You can purchase your tickets on their website and check out their Instagram page (NOW) for a sneak peek of the displays! Don't forget to share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #IRIS&Illumi so we can share them!

That’s not all! Our clients get a 10% discount on general admission tickets with the promo code IRSIL88!