This spring/summer 2018 trends are out and we promise you, finding your perfect summer outfit will definitely be exciting this year! This season, get ready to see a whole lot of patterns, textures and styles that will catch your eye. Here are some looks that will shape your favourite store’s racks this season:



Jumpsuits are not only suitable for the office: they can be an easy transition to a dinner date or to meet friends for happy hour. Plus, if you don’t like to wear dresses, they’re a great alternative! Jumpsuits are going to be a staple item in our wardrobe this spring, and we can’t wait! There’s a jumpsuit out there for every taste and body shape.

Woman wearing glasses and a jumpsuits

Frames: Coach BuckleSquare


Soft Floral Prints

They are so romantic! These dainty floral prints, in bright and soft spring and summer shades are about to be seen everywhere. Our best hack to give these spring floral prints a cool, tougher edge: team them with denim pieces and blazers to get real, petal power!

Woman with a floral dress

Frames: Fysh 3601


For him: it’s all about the Eighties

What will be every man’s style icon next season? It’s most likely to be his dad, circa 1983. From boxy suit jackets, to pastel colours, to mismatched belts that will draw the eye. However, the idea isn’t to go thrift-shopping with the intention of replacing your whole wardrobe. Take your favourite elements of this trend and blend them with your clothes to create a look that feels fresh. Glasses and sunglasses are great fashion accessories that can look vintage, for example!

Man with a look of the 1980 years

Frames: Kliik 603


While hats have been a necessity for formal occasions for a long time, this season hats are returning to the fashion mainstream and we could not be more excited, even if hats can be tricky. No other item of clothing requires as much searching and trying on. On the other hand, we strongly believe that there is a hat out there for everyone. A hat is a great investment. Look for a colour that won’t get outdated, and that you’ll be able to wear time and again: white, cream, black or for a bolder option, pick a red hat!

Woman with sunglasses wearing a hat
And of course, well picked shades never go out of style!