At IRIS, partnerships have always been a pillar of our business model for our brand's growth, improvement and advancement. We are pleased and proud to share with you today the many new partnerships that have taken place since January 1, 2020.

Acquisitions that are also new IRIS partners:

On February 28, 2022, IRIS acquired Edge Opticians in Guelph, Ontario, and merged with the IRIS Guelph store, which displayed the IRIS banner in March 2021, through the acquisition of Scott Coburn Optical. We are delighted to have partnered with optician Elena Klotz.   

In June 2021, IRIS was privileged to partner with Dr. Ghislaine Lauzon and her husband, Don Huestis, opticians, both owners of Campbell River Optometry. We have merged our Campbell River IRIS store with their store, becoming the most recognized and respected eye care clinic in the Campbell River community.

The Barrie Vision Centre in Ontario joined the IRIS network in November 2021. We are now partners in this impressive store with optometrists Dr. Ryan Bowser and Dr. Susie Bowser, as well as Dr. Christa Beverly, our current partner at the Barrie IRIS store. 

At the same time, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Susie Bowser became partners in the Barrie IRIS store with Dr. Christa Beverly. We are proud to have two stores with dynamic and extraordinary teams serving the Barrie, Ontario, community.  

Corporate Boutiques now partners: 

The following IRIS stores were previously solely owned corporate stores. We are proud of these opticians and optometrists who have realized their desire to invest in their future and have taken the entrepreneurial step of becoming IRIS partners in their respective stores. It is an honour for IRIS to build the brand with outstanding professionals in the IRIS network.

IRIS Vaudreuil Dorion

Frédéric et Pamela Uldry


Dr. Karine Gosselin and Dr. Nadia Perreault

IRIS Ste-Dorothée and IRIS Boisbriand

Dr. Joëlle Savard and Sébastien Breault o.o.d.

IRIS Parksville

Dr. Adam Reid and Tammy Baker, o.o.d.

IRIS Langford

Dr. Robert McLaughlin


A franchise store is now a partner!

Dr. Marie-Chantal Hudon, Dr. Marie France Duguay and Dr. Johanne Hudon were all franchisees of the IRIS store in St-Jérôme. After nearly 30 years of practice, the time had come to reduce their responsibilities and pass the torch to the next generation. Joëlle Cormier, optician and manager, and Dr. Véronique Lussier, optometrist, are now partners of IRIS in St-Jérôme! Congratulations to them!

New partners for these stores

These IRIS partner stores have changed ownership. Some of our partners have sold their shares to reduce their hours and responsibilities and ensure a smooth transition to a promising new owner. 

IRIS Hochelaga - Dr. Benoit Frenette couldn't be prouder to pass on the care of his patients and the pride of his store to Dr. Laurent Madteossian, optometrist, and Lisa Grave, optician and manager. Dr. Frenette will continue to be part of the IRIS Hochelaga team for many years, supporting the store's operations and customer support transition. The sale of these shares took place, on May 22, 2022. 

IRIS - Ste-Rose - Dr. France St-Arnaud, a founding optometrist of IRIS Ste-Rose, has passed on her love of her practice to two young optometrists working with her for many years. Dr. Marie-Pierre Gratton and Dr. Marlène Cléroux are the new partners of this store, and their clients very much appreciate them. Dr. France St-Arnaud will continue to provide support over the next few years for business activities and customer service transition. 

IRIS – Haute Ville - The IRIS Haute Ville store has moved from one great team to another. Thanks to our former partners, Dr. Michel Robichaud, Dr. Jahel St-Jacque, Dr. Patrick Caron and optician Betty Beaudoin.   Congratulations to the new team composed of manager Danielle Doré (original partner) and Dr. Arnaud Bergeron, optometrist. 

IRIS - St-Émile - Caroline Gagnon, optician and manager with Véronique Greffard, optician, joined Dr. Martine Gagnon in the partnership at the St-Émile store. Congratulations to them! Three good leaders who will put share their knowledge with their customers and ensure the success of their team.

IRIS - Kelowna - With the retirement of Dr. Paul Clark, a long-time partner of the IRIS Kelowna store, Dr. Karen Jansen van Rensburg and her husband Nick took the opportunity to move with their family to their dream destination. Partnering with IRIS was an easy decision due to the brand's core values and family culture.  

New corporate store acquisitions.

In addition to our new partnerships, IRIS continues to grow through the acquisition of independent or sister stores that are now full-fledged IRIS stores. It is a privilege to call these new teams IRIS. People who share IRIS's values and bring added value to their community. Let's welcome them to the IRIS family. 

IRIS  - L’Assomption

IRIS  - Berthierville 

IRIS  - Lavaltrie

IRIS  - Trois-Rivières

IRIS  - Guelph North

IRIS  - Dalhousie

IRIS  - Londonderry

IRIS  - Mississauga

IRIS  - Burlington