It's not always easy to choose THE pair of glasses that are fashionable and suited to your face, eyes and prescription. Here are some tips to help you select your next pair of glasses.

Firstly, the frame should follow the curvature of the eyebrows without cutting into them. The eyebrows should not be visible inside the lenses.

The width of the glasses should be identical to that of the face at its widest point, and the frame should not touch the cheekbones so as not to leave unsightly marks on the cheeks. Remember that the entire eye area should remain visible through the lens to open up the eyes.

If you have a relatively long nose, choose a low, dark bridge and do the opposite if it is shorter. As far as matching your glasses to your hair, the lighter it is, the more intense the shade of your glasses can be. If you have bangs, avoid wearing glasses that are too big, too dark or too thick so as not to overpower your face. If you have long hair, opt for a wide frame to balance out your hair.

Finally, to reduce the appearance of crow's feet, choose a pair of glasses with wide temples.