Back when she arrived in Montreal in 1985, Cendrine Obadia was far from suspecting that she would launch her own collection of frames a few years later. Born in Morocco, she left her home country at the age of 16 to live in Paris before moving to Canada when she was 19. She first found a job as a secretary, and then became an eyewear buyer. That is how she discovered a passion for frame design and opened her first boutique in 1988, before designing her own collection. Today, Cendrine Obadia's creations are sold in several countries around the world, including France, Japan and Russia. Her company’s head office, Zig Eyewear, is located in Blainville, on the North Shore of Montreal.

Cendrine Obadia has created two distinct collections: Ziggy and Jean Reno. The two collections are daring and they each have their own personality. The designer says that she creates glasses for people who dare to be different and showcase their face through artistic frames. Rather than simply following fashion trends, Cendrine Obadia prefers to think outside the box by proposing her own. Her frames are offered in two different sizes to adapt to different face shapes. She considers that glasses are way more than just a fashion accessory: they are an extension of our personality: "Now it is up to you to either hide behind your glasses or to wear frames that highlight your appearance and your personality! Dare! ".

A young woman is wearing Ziggy 1892 frames and a young man is wearing Jean Reno 1739 glasses

Frames: Ziggy 1892 (on Clodie) & Jean Reno 1739 (on Ethienne)

Ziggy frames are for women looking for a feminine, colourful and original frame. Every creation in this collection has many unique details. For example, some are set with Swarovski crystals or pearls. If you really want to stand out and bring an artistic side to your look, Ziggy frames are for you. Different types of patterns are used to add a unique touch to each frame, including: stripes, polka dots, lace, or flowers. You will certainly find a style that you like! These frames are made of solid, lightweight and quality materials, such as titanium. The collection includes an impressive variety of shapes, including round, rectangular, oval and cat-eye, the type of designs that instantly put emphasis on the eyes.

Jean Reno
This collection was first designed for the famous French actor Jean Reno. The Jean Reno collection has a vintage look, but can also be structured and modern. One thing is for sure they always include Cendrine Obadia’s artistic touch. They are designed for both men and women who want to emphasize their personality through their glasses. This collection contains a wide selection of round frames, which are particularly trendy this year. The Jean Reno frames also stand out because of their carefully chosen materials and because they are designed using the latest technologies. For example, some models are made of matte acetate, which imitates wood in an impressive way!

Thanks to her unusual creations, Cendrine Obadia has reinvented frame design. The high-quality frames within her two collections are elegant and will give you a unique style! Would you like to try on some Ziggy or Jean Reno frames? Visit us at your nearest IRIS store