Innovation and Technology at IRIS


IRIS is a proud Canadian company that is passionate about vision. We work hard, we play hard, and have fun striving to be the best at what we do. We are a family, who shares the core values of Passion, Honesty and Respect. Our values drive everything we do.


IRIS is a collaboration of Optometrists, Opticians and Ophthalmologists using distinctive tools to individualize the products and professional services we prescribe to our patients in order to deliver an experience that consistently exceeds their expectations. Our offer maximizes the perceived value of our products and services, and all of our decisions are based on our values and are in line with our mission statement.


At IRIS, we believe it’s essential to think ahead and stay mindful of our changing environment. To deliver our promise of the best care possible we have developed a team-based approach using our own iPad-based software. This approach captures our patient's needs and ensures we propose the best individualized vision care options. Most recently, IRIS has been developing additional tools to better serve our patients like Electronic Medical Records, Virtual Try-on Services and Remote Optometry.


By developing and implementing an iOS-based EMR that is advanced, simple and intuitive, we are currently modernizing the way our Optometrists are documenting the care they provide to their patients. Our EMR is proprietary and is helping Optometrists take the next step in providing efficient patient centered care.


Our IRIS Online Optician service provides a new and convenient way for customers to select and purchase eyewear. Customers are able to book a virtual appointment with an IRIS professional and are provided with an app that allows them to create a virtual representation of their face. The Optician and the customer connect through a video conferencing app where the Optician guides the customer through selecting the best glasses to match the customer’s style and vision needs.


Remote optometry allows an eye exam to occur without having the Optometrist and the patient in the same geographical location. With remote optometry, the patient receives high-quality care that is delivered by a team and provides focused time with an Optometrist.  Team members, under the supervision of an Optometrist, benefit from expanding professional development opportunities and elevated roles as Ophthalmic Technicians. Meanwhile, the Optometrist is assisted by technology to efficiently provide care. Using this technology, we are able to reach new patients in underserved areas.


Joining the IRIS family means being passionate about eye care and sharing our core values and vision.