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Our Founder

Dr. Francis Jean was a visionary who desired to build a brand for Optometry. Even in the 1980s, he could see that consolidation of the eye care industry would come to Canada and that non-professional companies would enter the eye care space. He knew that no organization would ever have the same regard for patient care as a strong network of Optometrists. Dr. Jean also understood the economics of controlling the professions destiny. With professional service revenue making up only around 15% of the eye care market, it was clear to him that eyewear revenue would drive the most influence with consumers.

Francis believed that the public needed to be educated on quality eye care on a large scale and to do so Optometrists needed to practice in high quality environments with a team of Opticians and well trained employees. This team would need to take the time necessary with each patient to build a relationship and understand their individual needs. Furthermore, he understood that building a harmonized experience under a brand name would help cut through the noise of marketing more easily, and capture the goodwill of everyone's efforts. To be part of IRIS, is to commit your life to educating your patients, and raising the perceived value they have about their vision and eye health. Dr. Jean believed that when someone invests in their eyewear, at IRIS, they are valuing their eye care professionals.

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