Frequently asked questions

Yes, just like any other pair of glasses with fully coated prescription lenses purchased at IRIS. IRIS will repair or replace your frame if it breaks, no matter the reason, at no cost within one year of purchase; and at 50% off your original frame purchase price if it breaks within the second year.

Topology is currently only available for iPhone 10 or more recent versions.

We hope to be able to accommodate Android phones within the next 12 months.

Here are two ways for Android users to access Topology:

- Ask a friend or family member who has an iPhone to install the free Topology Eyewear app from the App Store.


- Make an appointment with your IRIS optician. Mention that you want to have your face scanned for Topology glasses.

It will be at your discretion. As long as you are in Canada, you can go to the nearest IRIS store. Abroad, any optician should be able to adjust them.

Yes! Topology makes custom frames adapted to your face. Your prescription will be in your lenses. As with your other glasses, the lenses will be chosen according to your prescription and lifestyle. You can have glasses with single vision, progressive or even non-prescription lenses!

Yes, only you and your IRIS professionals will have access to this data. Everything will be kept confidential in your patient file.

Of course! You can choose lenses with a solid colour, gradient, polarized or even with a mirror effect. All existing lens treatments are offered.

$495 for the frame. Lenses are not included.