IRIS Changes Lives


IRIS Changes Lives


Nothing brings an optometrist more joy than being able to change someone’s life through better vision. The IRIS location in Nanaimo, B.C. has had the joy of experiencing this first hand with a young patient named Marlowe. Marlowe’s life improved after she received her first pair of glasses. Her happiness when she received her new glasses was documented on video, and her reaction as her new glasses are slipped over her eyes is so precious, it is no wonder why this video went viral in 2019.


When Marlowe was only 1 month old, her parents Nick and Hayley, noticed that her eyes were making shaking movements (later diagnosed as nystagmus). Two months later, Hayley realized that her baby was not responding to her, she would simply stare blankly as though the lights had been turned off for her. However, when Hayley was just within a few inches from her face Marlowe would light up and smile at her. That is when Hayley decided to take Marlowe for her first eye exam.


The team at IRIS in Nanaimo was happy to meet this new tiny patient. Marlowe was very laid-back during her eye exam and a proper diagnosis and treatment plan was done for her. Watching the video, it is clear with the smile she gives her mom that she could finally see through her new glasses. After she started to wear them regularly, her parents were able to see a difference in their baby. She was very observant with her new glasses on, taking in her surroundings and learning through what she saw. The team at IRIS Nanaimo is very proud to have contributed to this wonderful baby’s development.


Children learn from what they see and being able to provide them with the tools they need in order to progress through their lives is one of the many reasons we, at IRIS, love what we do. Experiencing better vision at IRIS starts at a young age!