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Being an IRIS Optometrist means being part of a family that is passionate about eye care and that shares the same values. IRIS Optometrists are collaborative and support one another in order to provide the best options for all of the IRIS patients.


We interviewed two IRIS Optometrists to help answer questions you may have as an Optometry student. Dr. Maggie Gibb and Dr. Adam Reid graciously provided us with some insight as to what it is like to be an Optometrist at IRIS.


Dr. Reid is a committee member for the IRIS electronic medical record project and he is in the process of becoming a partner in the location he works out of in Parksville. Working on the development of the electronic medical record has been a rewarding process for him. Seeing the project evolve from concept to finish while being a major contributor, has been quite exciting for him. In terms of the partnership with IRIS, once completed, this will allow him to build equity and share in the store's returns. Dr. Reid believes it is an excellent model since IRIS simplifies the process of running a clinic whereas an independent practice would spend many hours and money on advertising, staffing, inventory management, etc., yet, he can still benefit from the growth of the practice and build equity for his eventual retirement.


Dr. Maggie Gibb has been with IRIS since 2005 and a partner since 2006.  She has taken an interest in the whole IRIS model and has learned and grown in patient care, running dry eye clinics, and knowing the business in and out from inventory management and staffing. For the last couple of years, she has held the role of the regional optometric coordinator for southern Alberta, which is a unique role to IRIS. The role links the professional challenges faced by Optometrists to the operational evolution of an optical company.  She assists in recruiting new ODs, helps them grow their practice, supports them with new guidelines, and organizes learning opportunities This is a new evolving role to IRIS and shows how innovative and forward-thinking the company is.

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