All of our lenses are made by the world’s leading manufacturers and include the latest advances in technology to improve your vision beyond expectations. Our lenses also feature the finest scratch resistant and anti-glare coatings for increased durability and comfort.

Lenses Available at IRIS

Learn more about lenses from Nikon, Zeiss and Transitions®


Nikon offers their most advanced and precise lenses exclusively at IRIS. The Nikon I-View series of lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lenses. They were created to address the most demanding needs in visual performance, regardless of required prescription or frame shape. The benefits of these lenses includes:

  • Sharpest vision with the fastest adaptation
  • Harmonized optical performance regardless of prescription
  • Customized design concept for wearer comfort

For more information about Nikon I-View Lenses, download the IRIS Nikon I-View brochure


Zeiss guarantees the ultimate in lens precision in every one of their lenses finished with an engraved “Z.” When you purchase Zeiss lenses you benefit from over 100 years of experience and innovation in the ophthalmic lenses industry. Innovations that lead to advanced technologies resulting in exceptional quality standards for all Zeiss lenses. These technologies include:

  • EyeFit Technology: maximizes visual comfort by wider prescription zones to match your specific visual needs and clarity of sight.
  • C.O.R.E Technology: Allows precise calculations to enhance prescription measurements making higher prescription levels obtainable on lenses.


Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions to provide you with:

  • Comfort – by automatically adapting, they help reduce eyestrain and eye fatigue
  • Convenience – the lenses change indoors and outdoors so you don’t have to change your glasses

Transitions® lenses can be made to fit any frame you choose and IRIS recommends Transitions® lenses for your everyday pair of eyeglasses.