Protect your eyes with Safety Eyewear from IRIS

Safety and great vision go hand in hand in the world of eyecare. IRIS provides prescription safety eyewear to protect your vision from debris and dust without sacrificing visual acuity. The Health and Safety division of IRIS offers a complete program in prescription safety eyewear that meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1-1989 & CSA Z94.3-07 standards. Learn more about the IRIS Safety Eyewear Program.

Safety on the Job

Safety eyewear is recommended if you work where possible hazards include flying objects or chemicals. Even if you don’t work in hazardous situations, you should wear protective eyewear when you walk through these areas.

Safety at Home

What applies in the workplace, also applies to home. If you are using large equipment such as power saws, woodchoppers or lawn mowers, protective eyewear should be part of your workshop or gardening equipment.

Safety Sports

Safety in Sports

Safety eyewear is also recommended for any sport with balls, racquets or flying objects. Whatever your lifestyle, when it comes to your sight put safety first.

IRIS Safety Eyewear Program

Ensuring that workers eyes are protected with products designed to deliver best possible vision means a safer environment, reduced incidents and better productivity. The IRIS Safety Eyewear Program enables your employees take advantage of numerous benefits offered at over 165 IRIS locations across Canada.

  • IRIS Safety Eyewear Program products are manufactured to meet both ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CSA Z94.3-07.
  • Customized invoicing will meet the needs of your accounting and benefits department and reduce your administration time.

Compliance and cost control are key to an effective Safety Program. IRIS provides the following program options:

  1. Products approved and payable by the employer.
  2. Products approved by the employer and payable by the employee.

The IRIS Safety Wear Program can also be combined with the IRIS Eyecare Benefit Program. Visit the IRIS Eyecare Benefits Program for more information about this program.

Safety Eyewear Information Request

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