Corporate structure


Éric Babin


Eric Babin was appointed President of the IRIS division when the banner was acquired by Newlook Vision Group acquired in 2017. Mr. Babin joined IRIS in 1998 with a strong background in IT. He successively held the positions of Director of IT, Vice President of IT and Communications and Vice President of Marketing.


Dr. Jahel St-Jacques, Optometrist

Vice President, Professional affairs and Partner relations

Dr. Jahel St-Jacques, Optometrist, joined IRIS immediately after graduating from the University of Montreal School of Optometry in 2004. She practiced as a contractual Optometrist, then as a franchisee and now as a partner. She held the position of regional representative on the IRIS Advisory Committee for a few years. She joined the Professional Development Team in 2013 and took responsibility for it as Deputy Vice President, Professional Development in 2015.  It is since 2019 that she occupies the role of Vice President, Professional Affairs and Training. Dr. St-Jacques is the wife of Dr. Patrick Caron, also IRIS Optometrist and partner, and the mother of two young girls of 13 and 10 years old. She has been involved as a cyclist for 5 years on the Tour CIBC-Charles-Bruneau to raise funds for pediatric cancer.


Dr. Daryan Angle, Optometrist

Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Daryan Angle was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 2001 and joined IRIS in British Columbia in 2002. He served as Vice President of Professional Relations from 2006 to 2013, during which time he successfully led a political-legal challenge to the regulations governing the business practices of optometry in Ontario, allowing for open collaboration with Opticians and corporations, as well as the freedom to advertise, and the right to dispense eyewear at retail pricing. Following that appointment his role became national as Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board from 2014 to 2017. Currently he serves as Vice President Business Relations and Development, Ontario. Dr. Daryan Angle is a practicing Optometrist, franchise partner (Waterloo, Ontario), and has extensive management experience in operations, regulatory/legal and merger/acquisitions.


Dr. David Schwirtz, Optometrist

Vice President of Medical Affairs & Professional development

Dr. Schwirtz joined IRIS The Visual Group in 2009 as a clinician and completed a residency in 2010. From 2012 to 2015 he provided expertise and training as the Chair of Refractive Surgical Services for IRIS’ Professional Development Team (Western Canada). In 2012 he was appointed as General Manager of IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic in Langley BC.

In more recent years, Dr. Schwirtz has continued to serve IRIS The Visual Group as a Vice President. In the past, his responsibilities have included Professional Development and Regulatory Affairs. Today, he continues his leadership in the company as Vice President Medical Affairs and Professional Development.

Outside of his executive role at IRIS, Dr. Schwirtz remains active as a practicing Optometrist in the network and adjunct assistant clinical professor for his alma mater, Pacific University College of Optometry.


Guy Forest

Vice President, Operations and Commercial Affairs

Guy began collaborating with the IRIS family as a marketing consultant in 2012. He quickly had to familiarize himself with the IRIS concept and then recommend a sales strategy based on the best practices that would later become the IRIS Profile. In 2017, after several years of collaboration as a consultant, Guy officially joined the company as Director of Operations and Sales for the province of Quebec. His in-depth knowledge of the network, exemplary work ethic, exceptional sense of analysis, motivation and contagious passion made him an outstanding director, which led to his nomination as Vice President, Operations and Commercial Affairs in 2022. A role which oversees the business nationally.


Melanie Hajjar

Vice President, Marketing

Melanie’s relationship with IRIS started in 2010 when she graduated from the University of Montreal with a degree in Communications and moved to the west coast to join IRIS marketing contractor Halloran etc., in the position of Marketing Coordinator. In 2012, the Halloran team became a part of the IRIS family, and Melanie’s tenacity convinced Dr. Francis Jean that we should consider moving into social media, leading to a promotion as Social Media Manager. Since then, she has guided our every step through the changes in this transitioning realm, including the opening and ongoing development of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and continuously building social media influencer relationships. Promoted to Marketing Director in 2014, Melanie has been responsible for overseeing all marketing initiatives and the marketing team. Vice President of Marketing since 2022, Melanie has been busy developing, implementing and managing the IRIS global marketing, brand and customer communications strategy to advance the company’s mission and goals while generating awareness and engagement about the story, values & purpose of IRIS.